Corporate – Banking & commercial transactions


Company Secretary Services

A number of big companies have entrusted our law firm the mandate of serving as their company secretary. Through this, we deliver a number of services including maintaining the company’s statutory books, filing annual returns, arranging meetings of shareholders and directors, informing the registrar general of any changes into the company that may lead to changes in legal status, ensuring the security of the company’s legal documents and advising directors or other company administrators of the company on their duties and powers.

Coporate Restructuring

We assist local and multinational companies to increase consolidation and competition for the need to make material adjustments to the cost base in order for the business to survive and be able to continue. We also advise them on large scale and small scale restructuring exercise (retrenchment), senior executive termination and assist the company to identify the affected group, establish a timetable and make a selection criteria.

Company and Business Registration

We have a special department dealing with incorporation of any type of company as provided under Rwandan law, their registration in different state organs as well as the registration of any other kind of business in Rwanda, both for local and overseas investors. The specialization in this field is the effectiveness and efficiency of our services among which some are carried out in few hours using electronic expertise of our staff.

Drafting Articles of Association

Basing on the governance and management of the business chosen by the shareholders, we help them in drafting of legal documents or articles of association governing all activities of the company. We have models for different types of companies.

Merger and Acquisition

Two or more businesses may decide to merge, or one acquires the other for improving their business performance. During the course of merger and acquisition of two companies, basing on the status of the merging companies, we advise on the relationship of shareholders, employees, managers/directors of companies, management of contracts with stakeholders and all other legal issues pertaining merger of companies or acquisition of one company by another.

Shareholders Dispute Resolution

With our expertise in corporate law, we advise the parties in settlement of disputes between shareholders of the company basing on companies legal documents and laws governing the issue disputed. We also provide support in settlement of disputes between shareholders and directors or managers of the companies.

Joint Venture Deals

It happens more often in business that more than one company join hands to execute a project or compete for a tender and that requires the legal expertise to regulate the relationship between contracting companies. With our expertise in joint venture deals, we support clients in designing joint venture agreements, execution of common contracts and dissolution of the joint venture after completion of the common deal.

Insolvency administration

We are experienced in all recovery procedures and we represent different parties in procedures of insolvency. Some of our Lawyers are certified insolvency administrators and that enables them to raise experience in all procedural requirements for cases relating to insolvency administration. We have administered many insolvency procedures for different companies and helped to solve disputes between all parties involved in the process.

Capital Markets

Being the fasted growing and most sophisticated market in Rwanda, our Law Firm provides legal support to Capital markets players in  buying and selling equity and debt instruments.  We assist in dealing and formalization of deals to numerous clients participating in the capital market including individual investors, institutional investors, companies, organizations, banks and financial institutions buying and selling shares.

With our expertise in capital market laws and experience in all transactions, we help our clients to understand and comply with that legal framework and assist/represent them in settlement of any disputes before administrative or judicial organs.



Financial and banking law

we are better known for advising big financial institutions (insurances and banks) on compliance with financial sector regulations and laws. Being one of the most profitable sectors of all economies, the financial industry is the most regulated sector and our attorneys work hand in hand with clients to help them comply with those regulations. We support in getting and renewal of licenses and management of contracts with stakeholders of banks and insurance companies.

Loans negotiation and recovery

During negotiation of loan contracts, legal aspects or contract terms are to be given attention and our clients (banks or their clients) require our support while negotiating contracts for big loans. We are also experienced in representing different financial institutions in recovery of loans where clients default to comply with contracts.

Mortgage protection

Security interest in immovable or movable properties are meant to give the creditor another chance of payment when the debtor fails to pay the debt as agreed. Loss in the mortgaged property amounts to losing a creditor and a reliable one, reason why we support creditors of obligations/banks to undertake all possible means to protect mortgages against any cause of damage. We design and implement mechanisms of protecting mortgages of our clients against any uncompensated damage or fraudulent transfer.


3.Commercial Transactions

Besides our services to clients in the framework of dispute settlement and prevention, we have a specialized business department providing legal services relating to different commercial transactions depending on the nature of the business. Our Law Firm is recommended for the following:

Deals negotiation

We are equipped with negotiation skills and experience. We prepare ourselves and the clients for the negotiation meetings considering the nature of business, the party with whom a contract is to be made and the framework under which it operates. We consider respecting all legal requirements prior, during and after contract signature. With our experience in contractual matters, we negotiate deals that are easily executed by our clients.

Legal Drafting

After negotiation and conclusion of deals, we draft on behalf of our clients and their contracting partners any document authenticating their agreement like the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Letter of Intent, Contracts, Correspondences, and Legal Notices. Besides, we provide support in preparation of company correspondences basing on requirements of the companies act. 

Legal Due Diligence

In the daily management of any business, any responsible managers will require a comprehensive assessment of the possible legal risks related to the corporate status, assets, contracts, securities, intellectual property etc. of the target company concerned. From there, upon request by the clients, we conduct legal research on the matter that needs to be ascertained before making any decision. Our reports are comprehensive to any concerned person.