Legal Advisory & Consultancy

The law firm’s experienced lawyers conduct consultation with clients and provide legal opinions in different domains of law.
1.Legal Advisory

Legal Opinions

For different matters in different domains of law submitted to us by clients, we provide written legal opinions in which we analyze facts pertaining the cases, extract legal issues requiring attention, provide legal sources that may help to motivate the case and finally provide our legal opinion to clients. Many clients have appreciated our contribution that helped them to take informed decisions with all necessary legal benchmarks.

Legal Advisory

For existing cases or newly projects to be initiated by the clients, we hold consultation meetings with clients aimed at assessing the proposed way of doing something, and provide legal advice on what should be done at any stage to avoid violation of laws that may lead to troubles. For a better client’s legal orientation, we deploy an experienced lawyer in the domain of the client’s interest.


Legal drafting

On behalf of our clients, we draft and provide them with templates of legal documents including but not limited to contracts with employees, suppliers, clients and other stakeholders, internal rules and regulations of the company's articles of associations, procedure manuals and administrative & HR manuals.

Legal due diligence and legal audit

The Law Firm’s team undertakes the legal due diligence in any legal domain on behalf of the client and helps to take an informed decision basing on reliable legal information resulting from the research conducted by our staff. On behalf of the clients, we also conduct legal audit to help them improve compliance with different laws governing their domains of intervention.

Immigration services

If you are seeking temporary or permanent residency or work permit in Rwanda, need help for any type of visa for foreigners visiting Rwanda, wish to register an international Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) with Rwandan Laws, or are facing deportation and removal from Rwandan territory, our Immigration attorneys can provide legal assistance or representation. Our integrated team of Immigration lawyers also represent cross border businesses seeking to secure temporary visa or permanent residency and work permits for foreign employees deployed to Rwanda for specific missions.

With our law firm’s extensive and deep experience, we prepare necessary legal documents for temporary and permanent registration of local and international NGOs at Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) and support them during the process of registration until final documents are issued. We provide continuous legal support in compliance with sector laws to our clients in order to avoid suspension or deregistration.