Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution


Our litigation department is fully dedicated for seasoned management of clients’ cases in all domains of law. Our Litigation Lawyers have combination of experience and expertise in the following domains:

Commercial Law

At our Law Firm, we have expertise in Business law and commercial law which are two areas of legal practice that have so many overlapping issues requiring knowledge and experience. We represent/assist clients before commercial courts at all levels in disputes relating to commercial transactions. We ensure fully integrated legal representation that guarantees sustainability of the business of different players.

Public Auction

It is rare to find a successful public auction procedure that leaves the parties satisfied by its outcome, as it has become a common practice to refer to court to overturn any auctions. We have expertise in interpreting auction substantive and procedural laws where any dispute arises out of auction sales. We have helped many business players to overturn auctions that saw their properties sold in violation of legal requirements.

Criminal Defense

With our advocates specialized in criminal law, we follow up all criminal cases from the first early step, before the judicial police, the prosecution and assist clients before first instance courts to the last competent jurisdiction. This involves also visiting regularly our detained clients in different detention centers/prisons to make them aware of how far their cases have reached and requesting for them dates of trial in the different jurisdictions. We also make sure that our clients procedural rights are respected by all judicial organs.

Civil Litigation

As opposed to criminal litigation where repression is the main purpose of the procedures, civil litigation are aimed at recovering monetary benefits offended during transactions between different people. We have expertise in dealing with contractual and quasi-contractual litigation. We represent/assist litigants before courts in proceedings relating to contractual obligations, tort liability and extra-contractual obligations like management of other person’s affairs by which the Court’s determination of an obligation of one party to another is requested where no actual contract exists between them.

Family Law

We have well trained and experienced Family Lawyers helping litigants to solve family related disputes like marriage related litigation, matrimonial regimes, divorce, adoption, civil status documents, donations, successions, etc. We have a team specialized in family mediation helping different family members to have an understanding before cases go out for courts. We focus to reunite families and have their disputes solved in a win-win situation to keep the family relationships.

Constitutional Law and Human Rights

We represent/assist before courts and other decision making organs victims of infringements on constitutional provisions and human rights. We have an agreement with the National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) to handle human rights cases assigned to the Law Firm by the Commission.

Land and Property Law

The Law Firm represents land and property owners in cases brought before courts or other organs aimed at protecting their rights over land or other immovable properties. We assist parties for any disputes relating to various forms of ownership and tenancy in real property.

Taxation matters

We handle all taxation law related cases for small and large businesses and corporations. We follow up all tax law compliance matters for the company and assist/represent them before tax authorities ( RRA ) for different tax procedures and before courts where cases are brought to courts for determination by or against our clients.

Intellectual Property Litigation

We assist/represent our clients during settlement of disputes relating to violation of their IP rights before all organs of dispute settlement or claims against alleged violation of others’ intellectual property and technological rights. We help to handle cases before administrative organs on different notices relating to IT rights, and all cases before courts of law and related damages. We warranty integral representation of clients’ interests.

Insurance Law

With our Attorneys specialized in Insurance Law and employed in the past by big insurance firms, we handle all cases relating to responsibilities resulting from insurance contracts and injuries caused by insured parties. We also represent clients during negotiation and conclusion of insurance policies. This covers many segments including but not limited to Life Insurance, Traffic Accidents, Cargo and Services Insurance, Travel Insurance, etc.

Banking and Corporate Finance Law

We represent different banks and other financial institutions in cases against clients defaulting to comply with contractual terms. Our experience in banking and financial law in general, helped us to permanently serve different banks including Equity Bank Rwanda, Letshego Rwanda Ltd and other financial institutions entrusting us occasional mandates.

Public Procurement Law

We represent entrepreneurs, companies and individuals before Judicial and Extrajudicial Instances for cases relating to contracts awarded through public procurement procedures. Our Lawyers are experienced in all procedures pertaining public procurement and execution of related contracts and that enables us to well defend our clients involved in disputes with procuring agencies.

Labor and Social Law

The Law Firm handles employment cases for different business entities or individual employees claiming their rights during or after employment. The Law Firm has specialized Lawyers who master well the social security system of Rwanda which enables us to successfully handle cases relating to pensions and occupational hazards claims.

Private/Public International Law

With globalization of businesses, transactions across different legal jurisdictions between persons, companies, corporations and other legal entities have increased and inevitably disputes about conflict of laws have risen in numbers. We represent cross border clients in those cases involving application of different territorial laws and/or international conventions. For these types of cases, our Lawyers specialized in International Law work hard to select competent jurisdictions and where the main interests of our clients are centered.

Administrative Law

Our Attorneys are experienced in representing clients in Administrative Instances for cases relating to decisions taken by any public organ that violates their rights. We handle cases relating to expropriation of properties for public interest, sanctions against public servants and any other cases involving decisions of administration that contravene laws.

Migration Law

With our expertise in migration law, we assist clients in all migration cases pertaining application and renewal of travel documents, visas, work and residence permits and all other rights claimed before the migration authorities by citizens or non-citizens of Rwanda. We assist people in all procedures of application or disavowal of citizenship.

Construction, Energy and Infrastructures Disputes

We represent Construction, Mining and Telecommunication Companies in cases relating to contracts of construction, mining, infrastructure diffusion, telecommunication and aviation. We help parties to transact about potential and existing disputes in any of those sectors and in case of failure of compromise, our clients’ interests are well defended before courts.

2.Alternative Dispute Resolution

The emerging business globalization is characterized by options of fast and confidential settlement of disputes and players in accelerated business are currently looking and opting to outside the courtroom setting to resolve their business disputes. We assist and represent business entities and other players in the following:


We have experience in arbitration and other out of court mechanisms of dispute settlement and that experience empowers the law firm to effectively represent our clients in institutional and ad Hoc arbitration proceedings. Some of our Attorneys can be appointed as arbitrators as they are certified by qualified institutions. These mechanisms are safeguarded during contract negotiation for our clients who are not comfortable with court procedures, as a better arbitration procedure is designed during contract negotiation not when the dispute has arisen.

Conciliation and Mediation

We assist and represent our clients in dispute-resolution process in which an independent third party (mediator or conciliator) helps disputants to settle a conflict in a mutually acceptable fashion and avoid to further go to binding mechanisms of dispute settlement. With this process, we ensure that relationships between disputing parties are not affected as the process aims at settling the dispute while safeguarding mutual understanding and long term relationship/friendship of the parties.


We represent clients in procedures of adjudication which is the legal process by which an appointed expert reviews evidences and argumentation, including legal reasoning set forth by opposing parties or litigants to come to a decision which determines rights and obligations between the parties involved. This procedure is most popular in construction and infrastructure litigation where parties want someone who understands the matter at hand and determines what should be done by each of the disputing parties.